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Mela is an evidence-based supplement that supports Female Health

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Science-Backed Wellness

A Holistic Supplement for Every Woman

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Benefits of daily use

  • Hormone & energy support

    Infused with a potent mix of Vitamin B6, B12, and folate, our blend is expertly crafted to nurture optimal hormonal health.

  • Supports skin health

    The combination of Vitamin C, D3, and zinc enhances collagen production, contributing to a visibly healthy, glowing complexion

  • Mood boosting properties

    Our blend supports your physical and emotional well-being. With a carefully curated combination of vitamins including Vitamin B6, B12, magnesium and probiotics.

  • Balanced gut

    Packed with 20 billion bacteria from six different bacterial strains, and inulin fiber, it's supporting digestive wellness with every sip.



Over 80% of reproductive age women experience hormonal imbalance.


Dr. Epiphani Simmons, Ph.D

Dr. Simmons served as Melas advisor in developing our supplement, bringing her expertise and insight to the table.

With a solid academic foundation, including a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a PhD in neuroscience, Dr. Epiphani Simmons brings over a decade of research experience in female reproductive health and neuroendocrinology.

Her unwavering commitment to advancing scientific understanding drives her to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and promote scientific knowledge across diverse communities.

  • Hormonal Health

    Hormonal health plays a crucial role in female health throughout life. Mela helps support and offer relief from hormone conditions such as PMS, PCOS, menstrual cramps, and endometriosis.

  • Holistic is Our Mantra


    Recognizing the broad spectrum of symptoms linked to hormonal imbalances, from fluctuations in mental health to gut wellness, Mela offers an all-in-one solution to support your overall hormonal health.

  • A Unique Supplement

      With ingredients sourced by healthcare experts, every component in Mela is science backed, to support real aid in achieving hormonal harmony throughout the month.


The Building Blocks of Mela

Mela is developed in partnership with hormonal experts in both medicine and science. We're committed to the highest standards of quality and effectiveness when it comes to supplements. Each ingredient in Mela is carefully selected for its proven ability to make a tangible difference in your hormonal well-being.

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