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How mela became

Our Story

Meet the Minds Behind Mela

Our Shared Journey

We are Louise Hjelmqvist and Rebecka Leirup. Not too long ago, we found ourselves caught in the chaotic whirlwind of hormonal imbalances, where each day felt like riding a rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes. It was in this shared struggle that our paths came together, sparking a journey of discovery and empowerment.

Driven by our personal experiences, we delved into the complexities of hormonal health, exploring the profound impact of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments.

Power of Holistic Wellness

Our Discovery

Through trial and error, we uncovered the transformative power of holistic wellness practices. Our bodies responded with gratitude, rewarding us with newfound vitality and balance.

Inspired by our own transformation, we embraced a mission to share our insights and empower women everywhere.

Armed with a deep understanding of the science behind hormonal balance, we set out to revolutionize the approach to women's health.